Thursday, March 1, 2012


Due to some confusion on how to win FREE CAKE POPS.... I have broken down the process into six easy steps.

1.        Invite 10 friends to “like” AshB’s-The Cake Pop Shop at Karamel McKnutts

a.       Note:  They must be 10 people who have not already “liked” AshB’s-The Cake Pop Shop at Karamel McKnutts.

2.       Each friend tags you in a post on the AshB’s-The Cake Pop Shop at Karamel McKnutts official page.

a.       This is how I know whose friend it is.

3.       Once you hit ten, check your “inbox” for a certificate for 3 Free Cake Pops.

4.       Pick up your cake pops- (date and time tbd by what works best for both of us!)

5.       Enjoy eating your 3 free cake pops.

6.       Repeat.

1 comment:

  1. Ashley! I'm totally following! I am amused by, and very happy that you seem to have started a business! My kind of girl (see, I dream of doing such things in my future, and sorta did a vegetable-related one in my past...). I still can't quite figure out why I was not made aware of this cake-pop-venture before now... :P And, you had another blog? I need the link! I love reading about depression! ;-)