Friday, March 23, 2012

Until the Real Thing Comes Along

If I could put myself into any decade in American history, I would choose the 1940's every time. 

I wish I could go back in time and live the life my grandparents lived. To experience the hardships that built and preserved their character and integrity.

I'm fascinated by everything about that era.  The hair.  The clothes.  The history.  

And let's not forget the enchanting music.  If I ever meet someone I'd like to slow dance with, I hope it could be to this classic Billie Holiday song.

Charles and Wilma McKnight 1943

WARNING:  Mary, don't listen to this song unless you have time to play it 50 times in a row. 


  1. Seems I'm late to the party!

    Lovin' this post (and the music). I think they had more fun back in those days....

  2. I like the 1940's hair and clothes too! About dancing, one time you told me that you were going to dance to the song, " Can I have this Dance, for the Rest of my Life" song. I henceforth, love that song! I will listen to this one too!