Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Park on a Saturday

So, I've decided to turn Single Girl into an inspirational/devotional blog that can be used in my church newsletter.  That was kind of the idea when I started it, and now seems like the appropriate time to focus on it.  Things at work have slowed down considerably and I'm finally able to breath without panic-induced chest pain.  Happy me.

Last Saturday I was on a run in the park and I observed three interesting things.  1)  There was a woman near the playground equipment in a 1990s style wedding gown.  No groom.  No bridesmaids.  No photographer.  No reason I could think of.  The man she was with was wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else.  I'm not sure what I was witnessing, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a wedding.  So....odd, right?

2) As I was jogging by, I saw a grown man with a little girl walking across the parking lot.  The little girl was tugging at his hand and then they both started to gallop. When I smiled at him, he seemed a little embarrassed.  But hey, I know a good dad when I see one.

3)  And this one is my favorite.  As I passed the preschool park, I heard a commotion.  As I turned, I saw a teenager on a skateboard attempting to go down the slide. His attempt was unsuccessful and he landed hard, sans skateboard, on the gravel strewn ground.  Was it wrong to laugh?  

Ah, the park on a Saturday.  Does it get any better?  I submit that it does not.