Friday, March 16, 2012

So Few Followers

Here's the great part about having so few followers, I can pretty much write about whatever I want.  There's really no expectation on what I say and how it may or may not pertain to someone else.  I know that my friends are really just reading it to catch up on my life, not to be inspired or motivated, necessarily.  Of course, if they are, then that's just bonus points.

I think I'm more style/fashion conscious than I've ever been.  (Thanks to Krisina J!)  And I'm slowly becoming this fashion forward girly girl.  (Check out my Stylicious board on Pinterest)  Who knew?!?!  I've come a long way from culottes and camp t-shirts.

Technically this is a vbs t-shirt
So, at the urging of my co-workers, friends, and pretty much anyone whom I've ever breached the subject with, I am considering wearing my hair down on occasion again. 

I started wearing it up as an act of obedience and a symbol of purity for my future husband.  It was terribly romantic at the time...but now...w/o going into uncomfortable and painful details, some of those things that seemed so important before have lost their holy luster.
My hair is semi-down here

Any thoughts from my friends and fam?


  1. Totally like where you are going with this.

    And the last couple sentences of that last paragraph really connected with me. Been there, sorta done that.

    I love when you wear your hair down -- so gorgeous! You have pinterest? So following you.

    You can find me here:

    And yes, I've pinned a few scandalous things, in the name of art or inspiration.

    Have no fear, I still hold my self to a certain standard of modesty; for example some of the pictures were pinned for the "look," rather than for the shortness-factor of the shorts.

    Why am I still so afraid of my RA?!

  2. Hi Ashley! I just found your blog through Mary's. Praise the Lord, it's about time you decided to start wearing your hair down! It looks SO pretty down, and I have often wondered why you didn't wear it down more! Thanks for shedding light on the issue.


  3. My darling friend,
    I have always respected and admired you for sticking with your convictions! When we were both students here, I will admit, I compared myself to you, and because of that I tried to better myself. Whether your hair is up or down is of no importance to me so long as it is no longer something you feel God calling you to :-) You are beautiful either way my friend!! Isn't it fascinating how things change...