Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heaven help the man who ever really loves you

Sigh, that famous quote from Captain Rhett Butler.  No girl really ever wants to be proposed to that way:  "You're right, my dear. I'm not in love with you any more than you are with me. Heaven help the man who ever really loves you."  But there is something so fantastically romantic in the idea that it takes a very special kind of man to see you all the way through and love you for who you are.  The irony of course is that Rhett really did love Scarlet, he just couldn't let her know that.
Gone with the Wind

I've heard those simple, precious words, I love you, from a variety of men in my life.  But they were shallow, just as their understanding of me lacked any depth.  I was even told by my last boyfriend that his loyalty was to a fault, past the point of logic.  Almost too loyal.  I'm sure he felt that was true until I got very sick and he got very scared.  Those shallow words held nothing sacred, and all those feelings I had imagined so real, were just as gone with the wind as so many shared sentiments before.  But I digress.

It's kind of exciting to see what God is going to do with this season of my life.  Will there be love and trust?  Will there be freedom and adventure?  Will there be heartache and tears?  Will I laugh more or cry more?  I think of my friend who so well stated, "I'm navigating a new life-stage that I naively thought I wouldn't have to walk alone."  And even though I thought I would be frightened in this circumstance, I'm actually excited.

Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. ...And in answer to your original question, (in my better moments)I am excited! :-)