Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man Pops....and Happy Birthday

Me and B

Today is my older brother's birthday.  I can't believe he's thirty already...but then there are times when I can't believe he's only thirty.  
"Man Pops" until I think of a better name
When I hosted "AshB's Pick Your Pop," my brother made the observation that little dainty pastries on a stick (with ribbons) were not a very manly dessert, and that I would have a hard time marketing them to male clientele.  He told me I needed something more masculine, more guy-friendly, something like "man pops".  
The whole fam
So, in honor of his birthday, I have created something new.  I don't think they qualify as "man pops" and I was still very particular about the details, but they are a much hardier dessert.  

Happy Birthday, Brandon.  Enjoy!

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